Top 10 Websites for Cricket Betting Analysis

Top 10 Websites for Cricket Betting Analysis

Top 10 Cricket Analysis Websites

1. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is undoubtedly one of the best cricket analysis websites you’ll come across online. Regardless of whether you are a cricket betting enthusiast or a rookie trying to find your footing, this is a cricket analysis portal you can always turn to for your daily dose of the Gentleman’s Game.

What we like

The portal has clearly defined tabs for all the live scores, match schedules, archives, the latest cricketing news, information on series and teams, videos, points table, rankings, and a lot more. The day’s featured matches also appear as a small snippet, so that you can easily skip the ambient information and jump directly to the event you’re looking for.

For hardcore cricket enthusiasts, there’s also a ‘Latest News’ tab that offers latest updates about the world of cricket and a ‘Quiz’ section to test your cricketing knowledge. Moreover, Cricbuzz has undoubtedly one of the better cricket analysis apps that you can download easily on both Android and iOS devices.


2. ESPNcricinfo

Launched in 1993 and designed exclusively for cricket, ESPNcricinfo is probably one of the best cricket analysis websites out there, be it for top cricket leagues or the usual bilateral series. The portal features news stories, the latest articles, live ball-by-ball coverage of matches, and StatsGuru, which is a comprehensive database of all players and ICC-accredited cricket matches, whether international or domestic.

What we like

The cricket stats website is a powerhouse of sorts, providing stats for every single match ever played between countries. You can view the H2H stats of two teams against over 50+ parameters at the click of a button. Now, imagine how difficult it would be to collate all this information from the internet yourself!

In addition to the match stats, you can also see individual player performances along with a detailed description of the career trajectory of the players — when they started, strengths, career blips, and lots more. Such information proves extremely useful when you want to place player-specific bets like the top batter, top bowler, and top boundary-hitter, to name a few.


3. Cricket World

Placing third in our top cricket analysis websites, Cricket World has carved itself a loyal fanbase, despite the two behemoths in this space we’ve spoken about so far. However, there’s another reason for us to include this website among the top three – you can livestream select international matches here, thanks to Cricket World’s partnership with bet365, which is one of the best live cricket streaming sites out there.

To be able to use bet365’s livestreaming service, you need to have a funded account.

What we like

Cricket World provides 360-degree view of the cricket landscape with stats, daily news, cricketer interviews, as well as livestreaming of matches and radio commentary. What gives it a competitive advantage is that it explicitly provides cricket betting tips and match previews that serve as a significant draw for punters looking to get their hands on some juicy expert predictions. It also has a dedicated section that promotes cricket-centric books and other resources which helps in further building its user community.


4. HowSTAT!

A personal favourite, we couldn’t not include HowSTAT! on our list. We reckon this cricket analysis portal does justice to their chosen moniker, ‘The Cricket Statisticians’. Despite being one of the later entrants into this space, HowSTAT! has wasted little time in consolidating its reputation as one of the best cricket analysis websites.

What we like

HowSTAT is really a no-nonsense, no-frills site. While the design can improve, the tabs are conveniently placed, with all stats accessible from the homepage itself. Click on ‘Statistics’, and you will get a drop-down of the area/field on which you want the stats – all-rounders, batting, bowling, fielding, and more.


5. Cricwaves

One of the newer cricket analysis websites, Cricwaves does a decent job of providing all the information you need. However, it can undoubtedly do a lot better with regards to its overall layout.

What we like

Cricwaves offers some new features like live match simulation and widgets that add a novelty touch to the stats provider’s website. The homepage displays scores for the ongoing tournaments by default, saving time spent checking scores for long-duration tournaments. It also has active social media handles, making it more accessible to the betting community.



Despite dedicating the majority of website space to domestic and international Australian cricket, still packs a trove of information essential for cricket analysis.

What we like

While this cricket stats website only provides information when the Australian cricketing team is involved, the scope of data is sufficient for placing an informed bet. Couple that with the videos and news updates the portal provides, and you’ve got a steady source of online cricket betting analysis input.


7. Cricket365

It may not be a definitive stats-cruncher like ESPNcricinfo or Cricbuzz, but Cricket365 is still pretty decent at what it does – which is pure cricket analysis. And the thing we loved most about it is its clean and tidy website. So much so, if clutter were to have a spectrum, Cricwaves and Cricket365 would be on two extreme ends of it.

What we like

They say less is more, and Cricket365 shows exactly why. With a minimalistic yet elegantly designed website, this site makes it clear that it’s only here for one thing – cricket news and analysis. You’ll find clear-cut sections for ‘live scores’, ‘news’, ‘county cricket’, and ‘teams’, where you can find all the information by clicking on the respective tabs.


8. Chase Your Sport

Chase Your Sport isn’t exclusively a cricket analysis website, but that doesn’t take much away from what it has to offer. Be it football, IPL, tennis, or even esports, Chase Your Sport dishes out all the latest happenings in an easy-to-navigate layout.

What we like

While it does offer a lot in terms of cricket betting analysis, Chase Your Sport serves as a one-stop shop for all your sports betting needs in general, which is quite helpful as you might want to switch between different sorts while wagering. If you want to bet on the IPL, this cricket analysis website will be of great help. And, if you are into fantasy cricket like Dream11, we would definitely recommend it!


9. Cricketnext

A part of News18, Cricketnext is a decent cricket analysis website, with a straightforward interface that’s easy to use.

What we like

If you are looking for a fully loaded stats and cricket analysis website like ESPN or Cricbuzz, then you will be sorely disappointed. If not, great! Cricketnext has a larger share of cricket-focused articles and reviews, backed by live scores and previous results. This cricket stats website also has a dedicated tab for ‘Teams’, where it lists the squads and detailed player-wise profiles. It is also available in multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla, Telugu, and Tamil.


10. Cricadium

Despite being a relative newcomer, Cricadium is a decent option for cricket betting analysis.

What we like

Cricadium churns out decent match predictions backed by significant data about previous match performances and trends. It is an article-heavy cricket analysis site, and in that, it shines. It’s a good pick for fantasy cricket lovers as it has an exclusive section for fantasy tips in addition to its blogs.

Which Are the Top Cricket Analysis Websites?

If we had to single out two of the very best the above-listed sites, we’d say Cricbuzz and ESPNcricinfo. However, the others, too, deserve your attention and have been included on the list after thorough research by our team.

Portals like CricketNext and Cricket365 have detailed blogs and match previews that add value to your cricket repository, especially while betting on the top cricket tournaments. In contrast, portals like Cricadium and Chase Your Sport prove more beneficial if your focus is fantasy cricket betting.

When all is said and done, though, it’s best to access two or three portals to make an informed decision, as this will broaden your perspective and enable you to get advice from multiple experts.

Factors To Consider for Cricket Analysis

Here are five factors you should think about for effective cricket analysis and to put together a watertight betting strategy.

1. Match Venue

This factor is practically the bedrock of all cricket analysis. The hosts enjoy what’s called a ‘home advantage’, as they would know the various stadiums like the back of their hands, assess better how pitches could behave differently with time, and predict likely weather conditions.

Equally important is the crowd support at home, which can greatly affect morale. India, Australia, and England have some of the most passionate cricket enthusiasts who can rally behind their team like none other and make things increasingly difficult for the touring team.


2. Weather Conditions

You’d find the best cricket analysis websites painstakingly dissect the weather conditions. That’s because the elements’ impact on match outcomes is something you don’t want to ignore.

Venues like England, Australia, and New Zealand have always been a fast bowler’s delight. On the other hand, the Indian subcontinent – India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan – has traditionally been conducive to spin.

All in all, while windy conditions are ideal for swing and pace, a humid and dry day typically gets spinners and batsmen’s tails up.


3. Pitch Reports

Typically, batsmen like a flat track, one that’s devoid of any cracks or grass. On the other hand, a green pitch is ideal for fast bowling, while a wicket with cracks on it is the perfect hunting ground for spinners.

See grass on the deck? Go ahead and put your money on the team bowling first. Conversely, the harder the pitch, the better the ball comes on to the bat. Batsmen usually have it easy batting on a hard track. For example, most Indian venues have a belter of a pitch and are, therefore, batting-friendly.

4. Past Records

While nothing in sports is ever written in stone, there are a few trends you should watch out for during cricket analysis – H2H records being one of them.

Leading cricket analysis websites like ESPNcricinfo and Cricbuzz feature a bevy of stats and H2H records. At the same time, remember that stats and records can always change without warning. At the end of the day, cricket is unpredictable, where anything can happen on matchday.


5. Team News and Match Updates

Finally, keep track of all team-related news and last-minute match updates. This cricket analysis tip is vital for making a watertight cricket betting strategy.

For instance, a match-winner returning to the side can almost instantly lift the morale inside the team’s dressing room. Similarly, an eleventh-minute injury scare can unsettle all calculations, and throw even the best of sides into a tizzy.

Be sure to follow at least a few of the cricket analysis websites listed above in this article. Not only do they offer a wealth of information, but they’ll also help you stay on top of everything that’s happening in the world of cricket.



Cricket analysis is essential, and there’s no doubting that. That said, please realise that cricket (and sports in general) can’t be limited and defined by numbers and stats. No matter what the statistics tell you, even minnows can prevail on their day. In sports, things often come down to whether a team woke up on the right side of the bed.

How To Analyse Cricket Data

Stated below are some parameters for cricket betting analysis. The objective here is to provide punters a base for analysing the game before placing a bet.

In-Depth Team Analysis

Cricket analysis here is all about assessing the strength and weaknesses of a batsman or a bowler comprehensively. These include:

Types of strokes played by batsmen
Methods of dismissal
Percentage of scoring shots
Percentage of shots on legside or offside
How a batsman has fared against a specific bowler
Performance on a particular pitch
Performance against a particular bowling type (spin, fast, medium-fast)
Detailed bowler analysis, including percentage of dot balls bowled
Types of deliveries (inswing, outswing, leg-cutter, off-cutter, doosra, slow ball, bouncer, and the likes)
Average runs given away during the Power Play overs, middle, and death overs
Percentage and type of wicket-taking deliveries

In-Depth Opposition Analysis

Here, cricket analysis is all about gauging the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. Possible parameters include:

Overall team analysis
Analysis of individual players (batsman, bowlers, and fielders)

Fielding Analysis

Here, cricket analysis concerns with assessing fielders’ performance. Some of the parameters include:

Catches taken
Catches dropped
Catch type (simple, hard)
Run-outs effected
Run-outs missed
Run-outs type (simple, hard)
Stumpings effected
Stumpings missed
Stumpings type (simple, hard)
Misfields and fumbles
Precision of the throw

Now that we’ve covered where and how to analyse cricket data, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Below, we’ve listed the five best betting sites that also serve as extremely effective cricket analysis sites.

1. 10CRIC


(Source: 10CRIC)

One of the better cricket betting analysis bookmakers, for sure. The icing on the cake is the 10CRIC mobile app, which is undoubtedly one of India’s best cricket betting apps. Moreover, the operator is currently offering one of the best sports betting welcome offers in the country.

10CRIC offers a comprehensive stats section with live match updates, a run rate and runs-per-over tracker, and a detailed page for H2H records (on the ‘Statistics’ tab below the pitch infographic). The length to which 10CRIC goes to provide the necessary stats gives a massive advantage to pro and everyday punters alike.


2. bet365

Players from Andhra Pradesh not accepted


(Source: bet365)

*Odds correct as of 16.11.2022 12:00 G.M.T.

When mentioning bookies offering cricket analysis, you cannot leave out the UK-based bet365. The fact that it’s one of the top in-play betting sites only reinforces its place among the best in the business.

The stats section is neatly placed on the top-right side of the screen, making it easy to access the markets without changing tabs. It’s the same with mobile betting. The stats section also comes equipped with the feature to live-stream the match on the same screen, making the entire experience even more exciting.


3. Parimatch


(Source: PariMatch)

One of the top fast withdrawal betting sites, PariMatch has an engaging interface and gives quick access to live stats and records of the teams’ past encounters. Be it live scores, H2H records, table standings (in case of tournaments) or winning margins, you’ll find it all in the PariMatch stats section. You can even set reminders for your favourite events by clicking on the bell icon so that you don’t miss out on any crucial match!


4. 1xBet


(Source: 1xBet)

While 1xBet lacks the UI-designing bit, the stats section has a lot to offer. In addition to the usual live match scores and over-by-over stats, 1xBet provides weather conditions at the venue, H2H records, stats for all past matches, standings, and an odds movement chart.


5. PureWin

Pure Win-big-bash-league-women

(Source: Pure Win)

A relatively new entrant to the cricket betting bookie world, Pure Win has attracted a lot of punters with its welcome offer consisting of free bets, and a rich stats section. The stats space comes bundled with a host of important statistic points, such as H2H, average score per game, overview of the two teams, apart from of course, a real-time match scorecard with in-match statistics.

Best Cricket Analysts in India

While we have touched upon the best cricket analysis websites, let’s talk about the leading analysts and commentators that have established their names as the top cricket pundits in India:

1. Harsha Bhogle

One of the most eloquent and witty cricket commentators of all time, Harsha brings a unique charm to the commentaries by combining his bang-on one-liners with sharp insights into the cricketing world. Who knew that an engineer and MBA could pull off this task!

2. Sunil Gavaskar

The legendary cricketer transitioned into commentary soon after his prolific stint as an opening batsman. He’s risen to be one of the most visible faces in the commentary boxes of high-stakes international matches and is on-point with his match analysis, given the depth of his practical experience as a cricketer himself.

3. Ravi Shastri

The ‘boss’ man took to commentary like a fish takes to water. Complemented by his baritone and in-depth knowledge of the game, the former cricketer and Team India manager is a regular in the commentary box and keeps the viewers hooked with his on-point punditry.

4. VVS Laxman

Known for his legendary strokes, VVS has floored the audience in the after-cricket innings too. While his reading of the game is top-notch, his accent might be a bit hard to understand. But nonetheless, he is a great cricket analyst overall!

5. Aakash Chopra

Often finding himself mired in controversies despite his expertise, Aakash Chopra is proactive in his work, and you can also find him sharing his analysis on Twitter and YouTube.

Best Cricket Analysis Websites FAQs

What are the best cricket analysis websites?

We have listed some of the best cricket analysis websites above. However, if you were to ask us to single out the very best, we’d list ESPNcricinfo, Cricbuzz, and Cricket World, in that order.


Where can I apply what I’ve learned about cricket analysis?

Scroll up to the top of the page, and you’ll find all the recommended bookies where you can test out what you’ve learned about cricket analysis. Off the top of our heads, we’d suggest bet365, Unibet, 1xBet, Parimatch, and 10CRIC, as they also have a generous scheme of betting offers and referral bonuses.


Are there any best apps for cricket analysis?

Again, we have listed the top 10 cricket websites that also offer some of the best cricket analysis apps and other analytical tools to you. For example, 10CRIC, bet365, and PariMatch provide some of the best apps for cricket player stats and analysis.


What factors should I consider for cricket analysis?

The venue of the match, weather conditions, pitch report, past records, and match news are some of the factors you should consider for cricket betting analysis.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

While top bookmakers like bet365, 10CRIC, and Dafabet offer tools for cricket betting analysis, they aren’t as comprehensive as the top cricket analysis websites we’ve listed in this article.

The latter include Cricbuzz and ESPNcricinfo, which provide razor-sharp insights into what’s happening in the world of cricket, team and player performances, the latest developments, and a flurry of other easy-to-understand stats, which you will find once you explore their portals.

Utilise all the resources these cricket analysis websites have to offer and tailor your cricket betting strategy accordingly. And last but not least, remember to bet intelligently and responsibly!

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