The Ultimate Virtual Cricket Betting Guide (2023)

The Ultimate Virtual Cricket Betting Guide (2023)

What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are matches that are not played in real life. These are computer-generated games that follow the same theme and structure as their actual counterparts, including the format, rules, and number of players. Virtual matches typically take only a fraction of the time of the original, offer various betting markets, and are available 24/7 across all the best cricket bookmakers in India.

Virtual matches are exciting and happen round-the-clock, which means there are multiple betting markets and competitive odds available 24×7. As a result, it’s no surprise that virtual sports betting is gaining traction among punters all over the world.

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What Is Virtual Cricket?

Virtual cricket is an online-only version of cricket matches. These matches are available round-the-clock and share all the elements of an actual match: batting, bowling, the number of wickets, overs, and squad strength. These are computer-generated matches that take place only in the digital realm and have no relation to the result of any past or upcoming cricket match.

However, as a punter putting real money on the line, you may wonder whether virtual cricket betting is a Ponzi scheme or not and whether virtual matches feel authentic. Does virtual cricket feel like the real deal? These are valid concerns, so let’s discuss them in detail.

Does virtual cricket betting feel real and authentic?

Main Markets on Parimatch Website

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First, let’s talk about whether virtual cricket betting sites are fair or not.

All virtual cricket matches are presented by a random number generator (RNG), the same system used to ensure fairness in online casino and slot games. There is no way that bookies can rig these matches and con you. So, to answer the question, all virtual matches are completely fair and unbiased, and there’s no scope to predict or influence the results of a match.

Now, coming to the authenticity factor. It would be wrong on our part to say that virtual cricket betting is the same as real-life betting. The thrill of the latter is unparalleled, which you can experience across the best cricket betting apps and sites.

That said, virtual cricket betting is a welcome departure, and a refreshing one at that. The unpredictability of match outcomes, the option of in-play cricket betting, the broad range of betting markets, and the competitiveness of betting odds make virtual cricket betting feel close to authentic for punters.

Leading virtual cricket betting apps and sites, like Parimatch and Dafabet, are going all out to make this experience more immersive than ever by providing stats, expert takes and commentary, and crowd noises (see the mute option in the screengrab above?).

Advantages Of Virtual Cricket Betting

24/7 Availability
These matches are system-generated, and virtual cricket betting sites offer them round the clock. It is this 24×7 availability that makes virtual cricket betting seem so lucrative.
More betting opportunities
Virtual cricket matches typically last for 3-4 minutes, with new games coming up every 5 minutes. This means you have a never-ending supply of virtual cricket games and markets to bet on. This translates to a higher chance for you to hopefully earn some good money.
Competitive odds
If you feel that virtual cricket leagues offer less-than-competitive odds, think again. Leading virtual cricket betting sites, like the ones mentioned in this guide, provide you with the same range of betting markets and handsome odds as betting on top cricket tournaments.
Same banking options
With virtual cricket betting, you have the same convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds using commonly used betting payment methods as with the regular gambling. So, if you are playing at a fast withdrawal betting site, you will get the option of quick withdrawals while betting on virtual matches too. No restrictions!

How To Bet On Virtual Cricket Matches?

Virtual Sport on Parimatch Website

Placing Bets on Parimatch website

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Virtual cricket betting works in the same way as regular cricket betting. You might also be allowed to take advantage of welcome bonuses and other offers like referral bonuses.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to placing your first wager on any of the top virtual cricket betting sites:

Step 1: Register with your preferred bookmaker.
Step 2: Browse to “Virtual Sports” and click on it. This section could also be labelled “Virtual Betting” or just “Virtual”, depending on the bookie.
Step 3: Select “Cricket” and choose the game you’d like to bet on.
Step 4: Select your preferred betting market and choose the most competitive odds. On most bookies’ interfaces, you will also be able to see the stats and feed on the same screen.
Step 5: Enter the amount you wish to stake and confirm the bet. Don’t forget to take advantage of any available free bets or bonuses.

And that’s it; you’ve successfully placed a virtual cricket bet.

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How Does Virtual Cricket Betting Work?

Virtual betting on cricket is driven by a random number generator that combines multiple random instances to create match flows. However, once the matches are created, the odds and markets work in the same way as real-life betting. You’ll see match odds, betting markets, and bet slips just as you can while betting on conventional matches.

How do virtual cricket odds work?

Virtual cricket betting odds operate in the same fashion as regular cricket betting. In terms of reading the odds, the higher the odds of a betting market, the lower the probability of that event occurring.

How are virtual cricket markets decided?

Virtual cricket matches are short-duration games where the betting markets are automatically selected by the random number generator algorithm. Most betting markets are the same as in regular matches.

Bet on Virtual Cricket At Parimatch

Virtual cricket betting markets are largely similar to the ones on offer for a standard cricket match. However, odds on individual batsmen and bowlers will likely not be present.

Some of the more popular betting markets for virtual cricket are:

Match winner
Team total runs
Total match boundaries
Total match 6s
Total match runs
Total wickets lost
First dismissal method
Runs off first delivery

Expert Virtual Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks

Here are six practical virtual cricket betting tips to help you frame a betting strategy:

Familiarise yourself
Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with virtual cricket matches before you place your bets. Examine all relevant stats and live feeds; keep track of betting markets and deadlines. This way, you’ll be well-informed to make better virtual cricket predictions and, consequently, more informed wagers.
Start conservatively
Virtual cricket betting is a relatively new concept, and you have likely not experimented with it yet. If so, it is advised to start small and gradually increase your stakes as you gain more confidence.
Don’t look for patterns
Remember, virtual cricket betting is totally random. Outcomes are generated by an RNG, so think of matches as similar to a round of roulette at an online casino. Similar to how the spin of a roulette wheel determines the number the ball lands on, virtual sports results rely completely on chance.
Stay in control
Virtual cricket betting markets are available round the clock, with events scheduled as closely as two or three minutes apart. This is precisely why it’s easy to lose track of time and also how much you’re staking, so ensure you take frequent breaks and keep track of how much you have already bet.
Set aside a budget
It is easy to get carried away in all the excitement and bet more than you can afford to lose. Uncontrolled betting is risky and will cause a severe financial burden over time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you have a fixed budget in mind, and under no circumstances should you exceed that. Remember, betting should be fun, and the fun lies in betting responsibly.

Quantum Cricket League

Quantum Cricket League (QCL) is a revolutionary simulated version of cricket tournaments that involves real players. Want to bet on Kohli? You got it there. Jonny Bairstow? No problem there either! In short, the QCL is comparable to the world’s top cricket leagues, much like the IPL or Big Bash. Only the Quantum Cricket League is the virtual equivalent of these.

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The real-world feel makes betting on these virtual cricket leagues even more exhilarating, with some of the best virtual cricket betting sites, like Parimatch, publishing the full range of markets and odds for these virtual cricket leagues.

Top 4 QCL Tournaments

The QCL team has created four virtual cricket leagues for punters. Here’s the list:

Fast 5 International 2023.40
IPL 2023.11
IPL Legends 2023.11
World Legends 2023.12

Virtual Cricket Betting Sites FAQs

Is virtual cricket betting popular?

Betting on virtual cricket leagues and matches has picked up steam in recent years, thanks to the massive efforts undertaken by bookmakers to make the experience more realistic and authentic in terms of the video, stats, and live commentary.


How is virtual cricket betting different from real-world cricket betting? How are the results determined?

Virtual cricket is inspired by real-world cricket matches, for sure, but only in gameplay and rules. The outcome isn’t dependent on the result of an actual cricket match. Virtual cricket betting sites determine the match outcome using software that leverages a random number generator (RNG). Unlike real-world sports betting, you’re not facing the bookmaker but a computer program.


What are some of the best virtual cricket betting sites?

All the bookmakers recommended at the beginning of this blog have been thoroughly vetted for security and authenticity and are good options for virtual cricket betting. However, if we were to further narrow it down to the top three, we’d go with 10CRIC, Parimatch, and Dafabet.


How do bonuses work at virtual cricket betting sites?

First of all, virtual cricket betting is just an extension of a regular real-world betting site. It’s not a separate site per se. More importantly, all the offers available for real-life betting are more or less up for grabs with virtual cricket betting as well.


Do virtual cricket teams have the same abilities as their real-life counterparts?

No. The entire virtual cricket setup is random, and there’s absolutely no relation between the performance of the actual team or player and their virtual cousins. You will also see that the virtual team names are similar to some real team names, but they’re not the same.


Who is the top batsman in virtual QCL Fast 5 International tournament?

Rohit Sharma was the top scorer in the virtual cricket Quantum Fast 5 International tournament at the time of publishing this article, with 160 runs scored in 9 matches. The Fast 5 international tournament features eight virtual international teams.


What are some effective Dafabet virtual cricket tips?

Among the host of betting markets available, the electronic leagues virtual cricket league (5 overs) Dafabet market is quite popular among punters. As for virtual cricket tips, there’s nothing specific to Dafabet. Just follow the tips we have mentioned above, and you should have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Virtual cricket betting has generated much interest among punters, with its demand consistently increasing over time. The introduction of the Quantum Cricket League has given it a massive push, and the immersive experience, akin to livestreaming, has only added to the fervour! According to us, you can try out virtual cricket betting and wager on the permanently available betting markets if you want to try something different from regular sports betting.

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