Can You Earn Money From Cricket Betting in India?

Can You Earn Money From Cricket Betting in India?

How You Can Earn Money From Cricket Betting: 11 Tips

Many consider sports betting to be completely luck-based. While this is true to some extent, following specific tried-and-tested cricket betting strategies can help you lower your reliance on kismet and place more informed and calculated wagers.

There is a code to betting on cricket online successfully. Now, don’t be persuaded to believe there’s some sorcery involved here, because there isn’t. The “code” is simply striking a balance between doing your research and combining it with the tips discussed below.

So, without any further ado, let’s delve deep into the top 11 workable tips we hope will win you money from cricket betting.

1. Select an established bookmaker

There have been instances where people won their bets but didn’t receive their winnings. You might wonder why? The answer is dubious online betting sites. The online sports betting space is abuzz with phoney bookmakers that lure you with bonuses and later squander your hard-earned money.

Please understand that we encourage you to try the up-and-coming new betting sites simply because we have played with them extensively, and some of them have left a good taste in our mouths. However, not all operators are created equal.

To ensure that you do not fall prey to the scores of dubious bookies out there:

Do a thorough background check
Read and compare reviews on the web
And importantly, see if the bookmaker holds a valid gaming licence from leading authorities like the MGA, UK Gambling Commission, or the Curaçao eGaming.

Only after undertaking these elementary checks should you proceed with any. Betting with a reputed bookmaker –  like the ones listed in our top table above – ensures that your money remains safe, and you get your winnings without unnecessary bottlenecks.

2. Stay on top of the sport

Can you bet on cricket and win money? Well, this is probably the most vital checkbox you can tick to hope to earn money from cricket betting.

Be it IPL betting or any other top cricket league, you must constantly track the sport to stay updated about the latest stats, best-performing players, change in rules, and emerging talent.

Doing this fortifies your knowledge of the game, automatically helping you make more informed betting choices. Make it a routine to regularly check H2H records and analyse past performances to always stay on top of the sport. Some of the best live cricket scores sites and apps will help you do just that.

3. Read pitch reports

Pitch reading is an invaluable tactic for predicting how the match will potentially turn at different stages. No matter the format of the game, knowing how the pitch could behave helps you select your bets wisely.

Along with the pitch, take stock of the weather conditions for matchday. These reports are readily available on sports news portals, as well as through a simple Google search.

4. Study betting markets

You must invest time in understanding the various cricket betting markets available at your disposal and what each one exactly offers. This is especially essential for live betting, where there’s not much time to think as the betting markets and odds change within seconds, with each delivery being bowled.

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Odds on 10cric

(Source: 10CRIC)

5. Know the types of bets

You must know the different bet types to give yourself the best chance to earn money from cricket betting. Cricket wagers are primarily of two types:

Pre-match bets: These basic bets include markets like the outright match winner, best batsman, and toss winner bets. As the name suggests, you can only place these bets up until the match starts.
Live bets: These are bets you can place during a match. There are dozens of such wagers, and a few popular ones include ‘X’ runs scored in nth over, 1st innings total, and over/under 1st innings boundaries. One tip to ace these bets is constantly monitoring match updates with leading cricket portals such as ESPNcricinfo and Cricbuzz.

6. Use multiple bookies

So, there’s no doubt that some of the best cricket betting sites in India offer an engaging and profitable experience. However, as you will notice, it is not possible for every bookie to provide all the best features available in the market.

For example, some bookmakers offer meaty bonuses and free bets, while others do an excellent job with variety in betting markets. Still, there are operators with some of the most competitive cricket betting odds but may lack on the live betting front. Therefore, to ensure you get the best of all worlds, we recommend you register with at least 2-3 leading bookies and cricket betting apps.

Betting with multiple bookies is also preferable as technical glitches or payment errors can occur anytime. Having an alternative ensures you don’t lose out on wagering on top-tier matches.

7. Use a betting exchange

Betting exchange sites are a blessing if you want to take your wagering experience to the next level. These are essentially betting sites that allow you to bet on the outcome of an event not happening, that is, to make a lay bet.

Using a betting exchange, you can wager on both probabilities of a cricket match – win and loss. Such sites act as a cushion, allowing you to hedge risks and limit your losses. The process is a little more time-consuming but not at all complex. Therefore, we recommend you try any of these top five betting exchange sites and apps at least once!

8. Compare & look for value in odds

As discussed earlier in this article, it would help if you registered with multiple reputed bookmakers, as the odds for different markets vary across websites. Ergo, the possibility of one operator providing the most competitive cricket betting odds for all markets is slim.

Comparing prices tells you which bookmakers offer the best value for a particular market. Also, check for its actual value by calculating the bookie’s overround percentages, which indicate how truly competitive their odds are and whether you’d be making a profit in the long term.

What Is The Bookmaker’s Overround?

A betting site’s overround is the sum of all the odds of a particular outcome. The overround ensures that the bookmaker remains financially viable in the long run.
Calculating the overround tells you how competitive the odds actually are.
Overround = 100% (maximum probability of an outcome) – implied probability of book %.
Implied probability (expressed in percentage) = 1/odds x 100.
The higher the overround, the less competitive the odds.

9. Do your research & experiment

If you hope to earn money from cricket betting, you’ve got to put in the legwork. The web has various online resources and cricket betting reviews that discuss betting and throw light on the pros and cons of a particular bookmaker. That way, you’d understand whether an operator fits your needs or not.

If you are only starting, begin with small stakes, but never stop experimenting with betting markets and bookmakers. For what is betting if not some thrill and a little risk, rolled into one?

10. Set betting limits & never overshoot

Remember, sports betting and gambling are only for recreation and should never supplant your primary source of income. It is from your extra income that you set aside a fixed amount for betting and ensure you do not overspend at any cost.

Pro tip: While deciding on your betting budget, set aside some extra (cushion) money should you want to place that one last wager on a team you’re sure will win. We’re humans, and sometimes it isn’t easy to contain an overwhelming desire – hence, the cushion money.

11. Practise bankroll management

Once you determine your betting budget, it is about managing that fund well. In betting, bankroll management involves planning your bet stakes and constantly monitoring your betting activities.

There are various facets to bankroll management. To name a few, deciding a maximum stake for every bet, the frequency of placing bets, how much money to split across different bookies, and determining triggers to cash out.

Without managing your betting fund, it won’t be too far when you have zero visibility on where you stand with your bankroll, whether you are running at a net loss or profit. Needless to say, that’s not a situation you want to be in.

There is no fixed way of bankroll management; you can do it on an Excel sheet or through dedicated tracking apps. The sole objective is not to let your funds flow unchecked.

Let’s take a look at the risks and rewards in cricket betting.

Online Cricket Betting Rewards

More variety than offline betting

Online betting allows you to dabble in a wide range of cricket betting markets, which is impossible with offline betting. That’s because, firstly, there’s the geographic constraint, and then the fact that offline betting is banned in India, thanks to the archaic Public Gambling Act, 1867.

Opportunity to earn extra money

Well, this blog is all about whether you can bet on cricket and win money, after all. With proper research and competitive odds, you can hope to win simpler markets like match winner and turn a tidy profit.

Makes for great entertainment

Wagering on a match reinvigorates the whole cricket-watching experience. From a passive form of entertainment, you are suddenly more involved in every delivery that’s bowled and each run that’s scored. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much money, with double-digit stakes being accepted across leading betting sites. To top it all, welcome bonuses and free bets can potentially make the whole experience more cost-effective and fun!

Bet from anywhere, anytime

Online betting has enabled you to earn a quick buck from anywhere in the world; all you need is a laptop (or a smartphone) and a stable internet connection.

Thanks to some of the most widely-accepted betting payment methods, depositing and withdrawing funds is seamless and quick across all the leading bookmakers. Online betting guarantees same-day payouts without unnecessary delays – you get the money you win, no questions asked!

Risks In Online Cricket Betting

Determining a betting budget is critical to ensure your financial footing is not weakened. Uncontrolled betting activities can wreck personal finances and lead to a precarious situation with adverse consequences for you and your close ones. Bet only as much as you can afford to lose.

Successive losses or wins – if gone unchecked – can take a toll on your behavior. You might experience frequent mood fluctuations, which is not healthy in the long run.

False sense of success and failure

One might begin to associate betting outcomes with real life and subconsciously start behaving based on their wins and losses.
You might start feeling on top of the world after winning bets one day, and experience bouts of depression the next if there are losses. Such comparison is highly damaging and should be treated by taking corrective actions, such as visiting a counsellor.

Drifting away from more important responsibilities

Betting has the potential to hold your attention for a reasonably long time, and failure to cut yourself away might distract you from other activities in life. Therefore, we strongly advise setting a strict betting schedule and not letting it interfere with your work and family time.

Betting addiction is a grave danger. If you experience irritation when not being able to bet or are unable to focus on other tasks, treat them as red flags and set up a meeting with a certified counsellor to discuss your predicament and overcome it.

Best Apps We Hope Will Help You Earn Money From Cricket Betting

Below are some dedicated mobile apps you can play with and hope to earn money from cricket betting.

Bet365: 15% of qualifying deposit in bet credits up to ₹4,000
Betway: 100% deposit bonus up to ₹2,500
10CRIC: Deposit ₹1,000 play with ₹3,000 + 15 free spins
Parimatch: 150% bonus up to ₹20,000
Casumo: 100% bonus up to ₹10,000
MELbet: 100% deposit bonus up to ₹8,000
22Bet: 100% welcome bonus up to ₹10,000
BETWINNER: 100% bonus on first deposit up to ₹8000
Paripesa: 100% bonus on first deposit up to ₹8000
1xBet: 100% bonus on first deposit up to ₹ 10,000


Risks and Rewards in Cricket Betting FAQs

Which is the best online cricket betting site?

While it is difficult to single out any one cricket betting site and call it the best, we’re going to go with bet365, Betway, Casumo, and Parimatch as our top four. However, that’s just our opinion; you can explore the others and then take a call.


Is there any age limit for online betting?

All players should be 18 and above to be eligible for betting on any platform.


Can I use my existing betting account on the mobile app too? Or do I have to make a new account for the mobile app?

You just need to have one betting account with a particular bookmaker. You can use that account both on the desktop as well as on mobile.


Can I earn money from IPL betting?

Follow the tips discussed above and combine them with your own research. That will increase your chances of earning money from IPL betting. However, there’s no watertight solution or tip for how to earn money from IPL betting.


Do bookmakers provide any tool to set betting limits or help prevent addiction?

Most leading bookmakers offer built-in tools to set betting limits or deactivate your account for a certain period to prevent you from falling on the wrong side of betting. If you feel that you need help, bookmakers readily offer access to professional helpline numbers.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Now that you know about the various risks and rewards in cricket betting, and have also read some effective tips to possibly make money through betting, why wait? Select from our list of the best betting sites and get started!

However, like always, we advise you to choose value over everything else while selecting bets. Be safe, bet safe!

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